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Jeudi 24 et vendredi 25 mars 2016

"Domestic Slavery”, 15th-19th Centuries Sources, Cross-Perspectives, and Definitions

Colloque organisé par heSam Université

This workshop proposes to discuss the definitions of slavery and bondage by shifting the focal point from “genuine” slavery to “domestic” (i.e. “internal”) forms of bondage. Following the paths opened up by previous scholarship, it proposes to consider slavery less as a uniform condition, a status or a system, than as a multiform relationship, the analysis of which must be replaced within specific social contexts. Participants will present particular forms of institutionalized domestic bondage from various geographic areas during the modern period. In the global perspective of this comparative workshop, presentations will focus on highlighting criteria essential to the characterization of “slavery” (or bondage) in particular social and historical contexts, through an exploration of both normative constructions and concrete practices.

Scientific Committee

  • Odile Journet (EPHE),
  • Lionel Kesztenbaum (INED),
  • Catarina Madeira Santos (EHESS, IMAF),
  • Karine Marazyan (Université Paris 1),
  • Alessandro Stanziani (EHESS, CNRS – coordinator),
  • Thomas Vernet (Université Paris 1),
  • Claude Chevaleyre (EHESS).

Funded by Paris Nouveau Mundi.


Lieu :
Collège de France - Room 3 Claude Lévi-Strauss
Adresse :
52, rue du Cardinal Lemoine - 75005 Paris