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New perspectives on old films: Albanian cinema during the Kinostudio era 1954-1992

Vendredi 27 novembre 2015, de 14h à 18h

New perspectives on old films: Albanian cinema during the Kinostudio era 1954-1992

Table ronde organisée par le CETOBAC

The dominant paradigm of assessing Eastern European cinemas still tends to be interpreted through a set of dichotomies of the Cold War order (good vs. bad, liberation vs. oppression), privileging film and directors who took an oppositional stand in relation to communist totalitarianism. However, new approaches have erased such clear cut distinctions, and would require a re-mapping of films and cinema histories which re-enter in the realm of “European cinema” (as opposed to Hollywood). The majority of Albania's cinema history belongs to the communist era, with the national movie studio Kinostudio “Shqipëria e Re” financing some 247 fiction films during this time. Very little is known of Albanian cinema and its characteristics for various reasons (self-isolation, lack of Albanian language knowledge by foreign scholars), while many of the award-winning and internationally recognised post-communist filmmakers were trained and had worked during the regime. This roundtable/workshop aims to go beyond binary dichotomies of Cold War order, in an attempt to look beyond the apparent and offer varying shades of grey interpretations, by analysing popular and mainstream cinema produced and enjoyed during the communist period in Albania (which curiously, continues to be enjoyed by Albanians today after the fall of Hoxha's regime). This event aims to bring together a panel of international researchers and scholars from various disciplines in order to widen and deepen academic research on the Albanian cinema and its place in Albanian society.


  • Nathalie Clayer (EHESS, CETOBaC),
  • Bruce Williams (William Patterson University),
  • Artan Puto (University of Tirana),
  • Gilles de Rapper (Aix-en-Provence University),
  • Konstanty Kuzma (EEFB),
  • Ana Grgic (University of St Andrews).
Lieu :
EHESS - Salle Lombard
Adresse :
96, boulevard Raspail - 75006 Paris