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Du jeudi 4 au samedi 6 juin 2015

Pragmatism and the Political

Colloque organisé par le CEMS

In the last decades pragmatism has steadily and increasingly emerged as an innovative theoretical frame of reference for the study of political life in a plurality of diverse but related fields such as normative theory, international relations, theories of justice and democracy, the sociology of organizations and institutions, theories of collective mobilization and the study of controversies. In these and other domains of political research, pragmatism has offered new theoretical insights and contributed to the opening of new lines of empirical research. This conference will bring together scholars from a plurality of disciplinary fields to assess the continuing relevance of pragmatism for the study of the political in a thoroughly interdisciplinary perspective.

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Lieu :
EHESS - Amphithéâtre François Furet
Adresse :
105, boulevard Raspail - 75006 Paris