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Date limite de candidature : mardi 31 décembre 2013

Understanding inequalities: Multidisciplinary approaches and comparative perspectives

Appel à communications - Journée d'étude de l'EHESS et de l'ISS, les 11 et 12 juillet 2014

In the wake of neo-liberal ascendance since 1980s and accelerated economic globalization after the end of the Cold War, advanced countries have been commonly facing the problems of ‘new inequality’. Whereas the agenda of combating social exclusion came to the fore in the EU and its member states, the ‘Kakusa Shakai’ (unequal society) discourse focusing on youth unemployment has widely attracted public attention in Japan.

In a sense human societies have always been heterogeneous and potentially divided along genders, generations, or between those with power and the ones without power. Market economy tends to enhance societal stratifications. On the other hand, it should not be forgotten that human societies are founded on community values and produce counter movements for solidarity when societal integration is jeopardized, and that human agencies have kept on elaborating institutions in order to alleviate various kinds of inequalities.

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