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Cahiers du monde russe. Russie, n°52/2-3

Cahiers du monde russe. Russie, n°52/2-3

Preface by Alain Blum, Catherine Gousseff, Andrea Graziosi
Oleg Khlevniuk – Stalin na voine: Istochniki i ikh interpretaciia [Stalin at war: sources and their interpretation] 

The Soviet Union and the international context between 1939 and 1945

  • Sabine Dullin, How to wage warfare without going to war? Stalin’s 1939 war in the light of other contemporary aggressions
  • Tsuyoshi Hasegawa, Soviet policy toward Japan during World War II David Wolff – Stalin’s postwar border-making tactics: East and West  Changes in Governance patterns
  • Serhii Plokhy, The call of blood: Government propaganda and public response to the Soviet entry into World War II
  • Yoram Gorlizki, Governing the interior: Extraordinary forms of rule and the regional party apparatus in the Second World War
  • Vanessa Voisin, Caught between war repressions and party purge: The loyalty of Kalinin Party members put to the test of the Second World War
  • Sofiya Grachova, “Counter-revolutionary agitation” in the Soviet Union during the Great Patriotic War: The politics of legal prosecution
  • Eren Murat Tasar, Islamically informed Soviet patriotism in postwar Kyrgyzstan 

The upheaval and cruelty of war: Approaches to war violence

  • Oleg Budnitskii, Muzhchiny i zhenshchiny v Krasnoi Armii, 1941-1945 [Men and women in the Red Army, 1941-1945]
  • Mie Nakachi,  A postwar sexual liberation? The gendered experience of the Soviet Union’s Great Patriotic War
  • Nathalie Moine, Defining “war crimes against humanity” in the Soviet Union: Nazi arson of Soviet villages and the Soviet narrative on Jewish and non-Jewish Soviet war victims, 1941-1947
  • Tanja Penter, Dmitrii Titarenko, Local memory on war, German occupation and postwar years: an oral history project in the Donbass 


  • Marc Ferro, Allocution d’ouverture du colloque « L’Union soviétique et la Seconde Guerre mondiale » 

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