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Perspective as practice

Vendredi 12 et samedi 13 octobre

Perspective as practice

Call for papers

This conference addresses both the practical optical knowledge produced in the context of artists workshops and artists appropriation and use of the science of optics (perspectiva), which included questions of psychology, physiology, anatomy, physics, and mathematics, for the production of art and architecture, including gardens. We welcome, in particular, papers which discuss the material practices of artists (as diverse as gardeners and goldsmiths) in imitating and representing the effects of light, creating the illusion of space and the shaping of landscape (from the use of paper and other instruments, also on real sites, to experimentation with the optical qualities of pigments and binding media). Equally welcome are papers which throw light on artists reading of texts on optics and their possible use in the context of the workshop.

Deadline for proposals: March 15, 2012

Lieu :
Max Planck Institute for the History of Science
Adresse :
Boltzmannstr. 22 14195 Berlin

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