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Lauréats 2012 des bourses Marie Curie

Bourses Marie Curie, les lauréats 2012

Irène Bueno, pour son projet AVORI conduit sous la responsabilité scientifique d’Alain Boureau au CRH :
This research conjugates the history of the Avignon Church and the history of East West relations in the Late Middle Ages, shedding new light on the intellectual debates that developed within the Avignon Curia concerning Greeks, Armenians, Mongols, and Muslims.
Despite an increasing scholarly interest in these research areas, studies on the Avignon Papacy have been characterized by an overwhelmingly local approach, whereas the relations of the medieval Papacy with different Eastern populations have not been sufficiently integrated within a comprehensive investigation on the Orient. This research aims to fill the gaps in the scholarly literature by examining how intellectual debates that developed within the Avignon Curia contributed to the shaping of Western ideas about the East.

Emanuele Colombo, pour son projet Albanian Diaspora conduit sous la responsabilité scientifique de Simona Cerutti, au CRH :
This project will study the formation of the Arbëresh minority, currently one of the twelve officially recognized linguistic minorities in Italy. This proposal aims to address the problem of identity construction as started by diverse immigrant groups that, notwithstanding their common origin roughly corresponding to present-day Albania, were at first very different from one another in terms of religion, culture and language.
In particular, this research will allow to critically reconsider the concept of diaspora. Scholars have so far analyzed diaspora phenomena as coherent units of geographically dispersed people bound by sentiment, culture and history. On the contrary, this project aims to demonstrate that the cultural identity of a diaspora is not necessarily formed by the dispersion of ethnically homogeneous groups, but it is rather the result of a long-term process that can take place in the host countries.

Roberto Frega
, pour son projet VALUES conduit sous la responsabilité scientifique de Albert Ogien au CEMS :
The VALUES research project aims at developing a society-centered and practice-based theory of normativity. It offers a new approach to the study of normativity based upon the priority of normative practices over normative contents. The aim of this project is threefold. Firstly, to provide a theoretical account of the epistemic conditions that qualifies the functioning of normative practices. Secondly, to provide a framework for the analysis and description of the main forms of normative practices. Thirdly, to develop conceptual tools to be used in the analysis of specific cases of moral and socio-political controversies.

Jeffrey Reitz, pour son projet MUSLIMFRANCECANADA conduit sous la responsabilité scientifique de Michel Wieviorka, au CADIS :
This project aims to compare the situation of Muslim minorities in three contexts: France, Quebec, and English Canada. The objective is to assess the extent of integration of Muslim minorities in each setting, to identify key similarities and differences, to find the most important reasons for any differences, and to relate findings to previous research and public policy discourse in each setting.